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Geological Survey of New Jersey
On A
Survey Of The Boundary Line
New Jersey and New York,
made in July and August, 1874.

George H. Cook,


Edited by GET NJ
Copyright 2003

Though no record of the fact is known, the latitude of 41 deg. 40 min. on the Delaware must have been found at this time for the division line between the Provinces of East and West Jersey, which depended on the location of this point, was run by Geo. Keith in 1687.

Nothing satisfactory to the parties interested was however accomplished as appears by the following Act passed in 1718. (Laws of New Jersey, 1718, Neville, chap. 27, p. 77.)

An Act for running and ascertaining the division line betwixt this Province and the Province of New York.

Sec 1. Whereas many disputes and controversies have of late happened betwixt the proprietors and owners of land in this Province of New Jersey,and the owners of land in the Province of New York, which lie near to or adjoining upon the division line, as well as between the officers of the government, and a number of lawless men there, who elude the laws of both Provinces, and pay taxes and obedience to neither, pretending to be situate in each of them, to serve their evil purpose of disobedience to the lawful commands and demands of the officers of the government. To prevent which for the future, and in order that such of the inhabitants of this colony whose estates or habitations are adjacent to or border on the said Partition line, may peaceably and without molestation, enjoy the fruits of their labor, and the government may not be defrauded of the public taxes that are or may arise and become due from the said inhabitants, by their pretending that they do not dwell within this colony.

"Sec. 2. Be it enacted, by the Governor, Council and General Assembly, and it is hereby enacted and declared by the authority of the same, that there shall be two or more commissioners, with the Surveyor General appointed by His Excellency, the Governor of. this Province, or the Governor or Commander-in-Chief of this Province, for the time being, by and with the consent of the Council who shall be empowered by a commission under the great seal of this Province, to join with such commissioners and surveyors as shall be appointed on the part and behalf of the Province of New York, which said commissioners and surveyors so appointed and commissionated as aforesaid, shall on the part and behalf of this Province of New Jersey, run, survey, agree on, and ascertain the said line, limits and boundaries betwixt this Province of New Jersey, and the said Province of New York, according to the true limits thereof as near as can conveniently be done.

"Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that when such commissioners as shall be appointed, by His Excellency the Governor or the Governor or Commander-in-Chief for the time being, by and with the advice and consent of the Council, with the Surveyor General of this Province have joined with such commissioners and surveyors as shall be appointed for and on behalf of the Province of New York, and have ascertained, run and agreed on the line of partition or division betwixt this Province and the Province of New York, they shall make return of the same, under their hands and seals, to His Excellency the Governor, or the Governor or Commander-in-Chiefof this Province for the time being, which return shall be filed and recorded in the Secretary's office of this Province, which said line of division or partition betwixt this Province and the Province of New York, being ascertained, run, and agreed on, and recorded as aforesaid, shall forever after be deemed, taken, be, remain and continue the partition line, limit and boundary betwixt this Province and the Province of New York; and all bodies politic and corporate, and all other persons whatsoever within this Province, or claiming any right or property therein, shall be concluded by the same; any law, usage, custom, or pretence to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding.

Confirmed May 29th, 1719."


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