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Christmas In AprilŪ
Jersey City, Inc.

Christmas In AprilŪ Jersey City, Inc.'s mission is to rehabilitate the homes of low-income, elderly or disabled persons, or families with children, at no cost to them, so they may live in safety, warmth and independence.

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Christmas In AprilŪ Jersey City, Inc.
Provident Savings Bank Building,
830 Bergen Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Christmas In April is a nationwide volunteer organization that, in partnership with local communities, rehabilitates the homes of low-income, elderly or handicapped persons, or families with children, at no cost, so that they may live in warmth, safe ty and independence. Together, people of all backgrounds and faiths reach out to those who are not able to repair their homes themselves. Every year, on the last Saturday in April, over 200,000 volunteers help the homeowners regain their homes and the ir dignity.

"Christmas In April ( Jersey City consists of the most invaluable, creative and talented people who have managed to give hope and inspiration to homeowners and all others they come in contact with."
Sr. M. McDermott, School Principal


Every year over 400 skilled and unskilled volunteers from the tri-state area participate in Christmas In April to rehabilitate the homes of Jersey City residents. Founded in 1991, Christmas In April ( Jersey City, Inc. already has assisted over 132 home owners. The market value of the work completed to date is over $1.9 million.

"It is so fulfilling to see the skilled and unskilled volunteers working side by side. Best yet is when the homeowner's family and neighbors participate, making it a true community affair."
J.M., Head of Skilled Volunteers

In a single day, the hardworking volunteers build walls, weatherize homes, repair leaks, paint, install fencing and new kitchens, and beautify homes in any number of ways. In one day, a family's standard of living is vastly improved. Best of all, the home- owner incurs no cost.

"I could not believe as I watched these strangers come into my house and em- brace the work as if it were their own home. How can I ever thank them? .


The cost of the repairs falls on Christmas In April ( Jersey City, Inc. and is covered through the generous support of local businesses, corporations, foundations and individuals through financial contributions or donations. You can contribute by:

All contributions are 100% tax deductible. For more information, please complete the form provided or call us.

"By contributing to Christmas In April, I am helping not only a few homeowners, but the entire neighborhood by its being upgraded little by little each year. To watch everyone work so hard makes me proud to be a sponsor." .


Everyone is welcome to volunteer either on the day of the event or year round in preparation for the event. Christmas In April ( Jersey City, Inc. welcomes the participation of the Jersey City residents, local businesses and members of the tri- state area. We all benefit by improving neighboring communities.

"Jersey City is blessed to have Christmas In April help rebuild our community house by house. Won't you join me in helping these wonderful volunteers, your friends and co-workers, by con- tributing just one day to this worthy cause." .
Mayor Schundler, Jersey City

Everyone is welcome to participate. Please join us.

"Participating in Christmas In April is one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life... I volunteer all year. It makes me take stock and appreciate what I have and how I live.
K.L., Committee Member