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Jersey City—At no charge, residents now can send video clips to family members serving in the armed forces away from home, courtesy of the Cunningham administration. “Our brave men and women in the armed services, who may be in harm’s way, in trouble spots of the world, or just away from home for extended periods, can get a glimpse of the folks at home to let them know that our thoughts are with them. We are pleased and proud to do this. As a Marine myself, I know what it means to get messages from home when you are away. It says the ones you love are thinking of you and that means the world when you are away. Thanks to technology we can now send video images instantly anywhere in the world,” said Cunningham.

The free service is available to any Jersey City resident who has a family member or members serving in the Armed Forces. Just call City Hall to ask for the Director of Communications, Stan Eason, and the “Hello from Home” program. Eason’s office can be reached by phoning 201-547-5808. All the resident need do is to request an appointment to record a video message that will be sent a little later that same day. Bring the family members, children, new babies, whomever, and make a video greeting for the family member serving our country away from home. “As far as we have been able to learn, there is nothing like this available anywhere. Nobody else is doing this, to our knowledge,” said Eason.

The City of Jersey City Office of Communications produces the video and, through the donated services of the GET NJ Web Site, makes it available virtually instantly and completely free of charge to the service man or woman . The military member will receive a message that a video clip from the folks at home is waiting for him or her to view. Only the service member the message is addressed to will be able to see the message and to view the video. It will be completely secure and confidential as a personal message, unless the recipient wants to share the message and the clip for others to see. Eason said the service is intended to make video images available using the City’s video equipment for those who may not have their own equipment or may have trouble affording costly international phone calls.

Mayor Glenn D. Cunningham with U.S. Marine and Jersey City resident Ramon Aponte during a ceremony at City Hall. The mayor presented Aponte with a proclamation in honor of his military service in Iraq.

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