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Hudson County Corruption in the Era of John V. Kenny

Hudson County Politics

John V. Kenny Associate, Buddy Boyle, Dies of Gun Wounds
Mayor Whelan and the Jersey City Gambit

Hudson County Mosquito Commission Investigation

Of all the bosses, Hudson County's John J. Kenny was the most reliable for the mob. DeCarlo reported that Kenny gave them clearance to run gambling in Secaucus, and when the game in Kearny was raided by a local cop, Kenny said, "I'll call the mayor" - and did.

In return, the mob did favors for Kenny. In 1962, Kenny phoned DeCarlo and asked him to contact Addonizio - by then mayor of Newark - and have him appoint one of Kenny's men administrator of Martland Medical Center.

DeCarlo agreed. "Well, what will I do with my man make him call you or make him call Tom [Jersey City mayor Thomas Gangemi]?"

Kenny's reply is not recorded, but DeCarlo continued, "I don't know if I can locate Hughie tonight, but if you see him down there, you tell him you was talking to me tonight and I go along with this a million percent. He knows I go along with anything you want. You talk to him the way you talk to me.... OK, fine.... OK, boy."

Originally appeared in Tiger In The Court, By Paul Hoffman

Hudson County Politcal Boss John V. Kenny
Rally, Jersey City Public School #8, November 6, 1955

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