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Hudson County Corruption in the Kenny Era – Investigation Of The Hudson County Mosquito Extermination Commission
Kickbacks Alleged

Hudson County Politics

Three witnesses testified to kickbacks to Mr. Callari, executive director of the Hudson County Mosquito Extermination Commission.

Harry Woodruff, of Levittown, P
A., a former salesman for the Eastern Supply Co. of Hoboken, told of a $9,000 kickback he made to Mr. Callari. The salesman testified that C
A.llari had suggested a scheme for charging the Mosquito Commission $13,50 for helicopter spraying when the job actually cost much less.Woodruff, in explaining the deal in the following testimony, said he gave the money to Callari in the latter's office in Jersey City in 1968.

Q.At that time was there any further discussion with, regard to the arrangments made with Mr. Callari?
A. Well, we had spoken to – I had spoken to Mr. Reid in regard to what Mr. Callari was to receive, which was a percentage based on the overall order, and at this time the order was approximately – initially it was forty-some-thousand dollars, which was to be regulated on the basis of how much spraying was to be done and that Mr. Callari was to receive a percentage of this. And at this time I explained to Mr. Reid that whatever was to be done with Mr. Callari, that he was expecting to be taken care of as these checks cleared.

Q.So did a check clear?
A. Yes, sir.

Q.How did you know this?
A. Because I went in and sat down with Mr. Reid and we discussed the disbursement of the funds of what had come in, and I had some incurred expenses and I was given a small commission and I was to give the balance of this check to Mr. Callari, which was $9,000.

. . .

Q.Mr. Woodruff, you have before you Commission Exhibit C-27. I ask you, sir, whether you have ever seen that check before.
A. Yes, sir.

Q.Where did you see it?
A. It was given to me in Mr. Reid's office.

Q.By whom?
A. By the– Terry, the girl who was the office manager or secretary for Mr. Reid.

Q.What is the amount of that check, sir?
A. $10,800.

Q.And the date?
A. October 10th, 1968.

Q.What did you do with the check, sir?
A. I went across the street to the bank and deposited the check and drew $5,000 out of the account.

Q.What did you do with the $5,000?
A. I put it in an envelope and took it to the Hudson Mosquito Commission.

Q.What did you do when you arrived at the Mosquito Commission?
A. I turned it over to Mr. Callari. Mr. Callari said he was expecting more. I said I would deliver the balance in a few days.

Q.Did you deliver the balance in a few days?
A. Yes, Sir.

Q.How much did you deliver in a few days, sir?
A. Four more thousand dollars.

Q.What happened? And where did you deliver it?
A. At the Hudson County Mosquito Commission.

Q.To whom?
A. Mr. Callari.

Q.On each occasion did he count the money in your presence?
A. I'm not certain.

Q.Did he have any conversation with you when you delivered the moneys to him?
A. Well, the feeling was that he was looking for more moneys.

Q.Did he say why?
A. No, but just that he would work it out.

Q.Did he tell you what he was going to do with the money?
A. He said he had obligations to other associates and he didn't go into it any further.

Q.What happened to the other $1,800?
A. I had – some of it was used as incurred expenses and I received $400 as commission, bonus, whatever.

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