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Genealogical History Of Hudson And Bergen Counties New Jersey

Originally published in 1900
Cornelius Burnham Harvey, Editor

Edited by GET NJ, COPYRIGHT 2003

JACOB L. VAN BUSKIRK. - The founder of the Van Buskirk family in this country was Lourens Andriessen, who, after his emigration to America, took the surname of Van Buskirk, the Van signifying "front," and Bos Kerck meaning " church in the woods." He was a native of the Province of Holstein, in Denmark, a tanner by trade, and came to America in 1655. Although a single man when he arrived, he set to work at his trade, which he soon abandoned for that of a draper. On June 20, 1656, he bought a lot on Broad Street. Soon afterward he went to Bergen and purchased about 170 acres of land in what is now the Greenville district of Jersey City, on which he settled, and there he took the oath of allegiance to King Charles in 1665. He soon became a man of prominence, and wielded great influence in the affairs of Bergen. On September 12, 1658, he married Jannetie Jans, widow of Christiaen Barrentsen, who brought him, as is said, besides four sons by a former husband, about 1,400 florins, heavy money, and ten wampum beads for one stiver. Mr. Winfield adds: "When the country was recaptured by the Dutch and the people expected a forfeiture of the lands lie and John Berry, Samuel Edsall. and William Sandford appeared at Fort William Henry, August 18, 1673, to request that their plantations be confirmed in the privileges which they obtained from their previous patroons." When a contest arose between the Town of Bergen and the inhabitants on the south of them, concerning fences and the support of a schoolmaster, he again appeared before the council to plead the cause of his neighbors.

Under the act of November 7, 1665, for the marking of horses and cattle, he was appointed recorder and marker for Minkakwa, April 6, 1670, and marker-general for the Town of Bergen, October 8, 1676. On that day he was also appointed ranger for Bergen, with power to name deputies to range the woods and bring in all stray horses, mules, and cattle. He was commissioned a member of the Bergen court February 16, 1677. and February County Court August 31, 1682. He was a member of the Governor's Council for a number of years, appointed first March 18, 1672, and held the first commission to administer crowner's quest law in the county in 1672. On January 6, 1676, jointly with the Bogerts, Bantas, and others, he bought a large tract of land north and east of Hackensack, known as New Hackensack, upon which he resided as early as 1688. His issue of the second generation were four children: Andries A. (1660), Lawrens A., Peter A., and Thomas. Of these Peter and Thomas remained at Bergen, while Andries (2), who married in 1717 Jacomina Davids Demarest, and Laurens (2), who married in 1716 Hendricke Vandelinda, bought and settled on extensive tracts of land on the east side of the Saddle River.

Andries's grandson John (4) was born at Saddle River in 1711 and died in 1815. He was a farmer, and was known as " Decke Jan " (thick John), because he weighed some 400 pounds. His grave is in the old Blue Mills graveyard at Saddle River. His wife Sarah is buried at the Lutheran Church. Their issue of the fifth generation were John, 1777 (died), Andrew, 1779, Hannah, Jemima, and John.

John (5), last above named, was born at Saddle River in 1780 and died in 1873. His wife, Elizabeth Ackerman, was born in 17690 and died in 1860. He and his wife are both buried in the Lutheran cemetery at Saddle River. This John was a farmer. His issue of the sixth generation were John, Adelaide, Sarah, David, Eliza, Jasper, Charity, Andrew, and Jemima M.

John (6) was born at Saddle River August 13, 1809, and died at Hackensack October 1S, 1866. His wife was Eliza Huyler, of Tenafly. Both are buried at Cherry Hill near Hackensack. This John was a butcher by occupation. His issue of the seventh generation were seven children: Sarah Ann, Euphemia, John H., David, Willilam H., Alvin, and Jacob L., the last named being the subject of this sketch.

Jacob L. Van Buskirk (7) was born at Saddle River, N. J., July 29, 1551, and received his education in the district schools at Now Bridge and Hackensack, after which he learned the trade of a blacksmith, which he followed successfully for nine years. He then took up the calling of a butcher in Hackensack, which he still pursues. Some years ago he was elected Freeholder from his township, which office he faithfully filled for six years. For three years he was Director of the board. lie was elected Sheriff of Bergen County in 1898 by a majority of 709 votes over his Republican competitor.

He married bliss May E. Naugle, of Arcola, who was born May 11, 1551. The couple have issue of the eighth generation three children: Margaret F., George, and Henry C., the first two of whom are married, and each have one daughter of the ninth generation.

Mr. Van Buskirk is a member of Hope Encampment, I. O. O. F., of the Order of American Foresters, of the Order of Red Men, and of the Order of United Workmen; President of the Exempt Firemen's Association; Treasurer of the Firemen's Insurance Company; and a member of the Liberty Steam Fire Engine Company, the Democratic Club, the Wheelmen's Club, and other organizations.


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Hudson County Facts  by Anthony Olszewski - Hudson County History
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