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Genealogical History Of Hudson And Bergen Counties New Jersey

Originally published in 1900
Cornelius Burnham Harvey, Editor

Edited by GET NJ, COPYRIGHT 2003

WILLIAM NECKER is one of the best known undertakers in East New Jersey. As an embalmer and funeral director he has few superiors. He was born in West Hoboken, N. J., November 12, 1870, his parents, Christopher Necker and Louisa Kienle, being natives of Germany. He is their eldest son. His father came to America about 1866 and settled in West Hoboken, where he followed the bakery business with success for many years.

Mr. Necker obtained his education in the public schools of West Hoboken and Union Hill. Circumstances compelled him, however, to relinquish his studies when he was twelve years old and take up the trade of pianomaking in the establishment of the Braumuller Piano Company, of New York, with whom he remained eleven years. This was a fortunate as well as a very pleasant connection. With energy and adaptability he mastered every detail of the business, learned thoroughly the general construction of pianos, and gained a reputation as a skilled and talented workman. He was popular among both his associates and the members of the firm, and during the last three years had charge of the woodworking department. So well was he liked by Mr. Braumuller, the President of the company, that when the latter's wife died in 1898, five years after he bad resigned his position, Mr. Necker was sent for by him to take entire charge of the funeral. This was a compliment, and speaks volumes for Mr. Necker's popularity and integrity and the esteem in which he is held.

In December, 1892, Mr. Necker resigned his position in the Braumuller establishment and entered the United States School of Embalming in New York City, from which he was graduated in April, 1894. There he received a practical as well as a theoretical knowledge of every branch of embalming and undertaking. Immediately after graduation he opened an office at 251 Bergenline Avenue in the Town of Union. Nearly every one prophesied a failure. But his courage and perseverance never flagged. In the face of all obstacles, and even of adverse criticism, he struck boldly out upon original lines, and soon acquired a prosperous business. Methodical, enterprising, and energetic, full of sympathy, and appreciating the delicate and exacting duties which necessarily devolved upon him, he steadily won the confidence and respect of the entire community. He was faithful to every trust, diligent in the performance of his work, and availed himself of all legitimate opportunities. He makes it a maxim of treating the poor with the same dignity as the rich.

Mr. Necker's success as an undertaker and embalmer may be said to have been almost instantaneous. At 251 Bergenline Avenue in the Town of Union, where he resides, he fitted up his present light and attractive office, equipping it with every modern convenience. His practical experience at pianomaking enables him to exercise good judgment in selecting his outfits. He has a taste for the eternal fitness of things, and every detail receives his personal attention. Besides the main office already mentioned, Mr Necker has branches at 409 Charles Street, West Hoboken, and Sixth Street and Tower Avenue, Guttenberg. He has had many of the larger funerals in Hudson County during the last five years, and has achieved marked success and a high reputation.

Mr. Necker is a progressive, public spirited citizen. He joined the Fire Department of the Town of Union in 1893, and on February 13, 1899, was elected its Chief Engineer, which office he now holds. He is a member of several prominent social and fraternal bodies and a Democrat in politics. He was a candidate for County Coroner in 1896, and, though defeated, received a flattering vote. He is a believer in the power of the press, and in various capacities has exerted a wholesome influence in his town.

Mr. Necker was married on the 4th of March, 1895, to Miss Lilian Gschwind, daughter of John and Eva Gschwind, of the Town of Union. They have two children: William, Jr., and Lilian.


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Hudson County Facts  by Anthony Olszewski - Hudson County History
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