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Genealogical History Of Hudson And Bergen Counties New Jersey

Originally published in 1900
Cornelius Burnham Harvey, Editor

Edited by GET NJ, COPYRIGHT 2003

EDWIN MANNERS, A.M., LL.B., is the son of the late Hon. David Stout Manners and Deborah Philips Johnes, and was born in Jersey City, N. J., on the Gth of March, 1855. His father was for several terms Mayor of Jersey City and universally esteemed and respected as one of its best executives and citizens. He is a grandson of David Manners, a great-grandson of John Manners, and a great-great-grandson of John Manners, Sr., of Yorkshire, England, who was born in 1678, emigrated to America about 1700, and married Rebecca Stout, of Middletown, N. J., a granddaughter of Richard and Penelope Van Princess Stout, of interesting memory, and the first in America. John Manners, Sr., settled at Upper Freehold, N. J., but afterward moved to Amwell, Hunterdon County, in this State, where he died in 1770. The American branch is connected with the noble family of Manners in England, which traces its distinguished lineage back to the time of William the Conqueror, and indeed is of Norman origin.

On his mother's side Edwin Manners is a grandson of David Johnes, a great-grandson of David Johnes, Sr., a great-great-grandson of Stephen Johnes, and a great-great-great-grandson of Samuel Johnes, Jr., who was the son of Samuel Johnes, Sr., whose father, Edward Johnes, of Somerset, England, carne to Clharlestown (Boston), Mass., with (governor Winthrop in 1630; lie later was one of the founders of Southampton, Long Island, and died there in 1659. Edward married Anne, daughter of George and Alice Griggs, natives of binder. The Johnes family in the United States may be distantly related to that of Dolan Cothi, in Wales, which traces to Godebog, King of Britain, but is directly descended from the Johnes family of County Berks. County Salop, and London and Somerset, England, the branches living in those counties and also in Bristol all proceeding from the same original stock. Sir Francis Johnes was Lord Mayor of London in 1620. Edwin Manners's great-grandfather, John Schenck, was a Captain in the Revolutionary War, took an active part in the principal battles in the State, and by a well-planned ambuscade prevented the British troops from overrunning Hunterdon County. His grandfather, David -Manners, who married Captain Schenck's daughter Mary, was an officer in the War of 1812, and won honorable mention in several important engagements. On the maternal side Mr. Manners's great-great-grandfather, Stephen Johnes, married Grace Fitz Randolph, whose brother Nathaniel gave to Princeton the land upon which Nassau Hall is erected, and his great-grandfather, David Johnes, was a Major in the Revolution and rendered efficient service in establishing American independence.

Edwin Manners early displayed unusual intellectual abilities, and in preparatory school and college won prizes for composition and select and original speaking which distinguished him as a scholar. From his earliest school days he exhibited a disposition for the world of letters. While a student at Hasbrouck Institute, Jersey City, he was connected with the Quill, a school paper, and while pursuing his studies at Sing Sing-on-the-Hudson was the editor of the Mount Pleasant Reveille, the organ of the Mount Pleasant cadets. During his senior year at Princeton University, from which he was graduated Bachelor of Arts in 1877, he was one of the editors of the Nassau Literary Magazine, and on class day delivered to the distinguished class of 1877 a characteristic presentation address. Princeton conferred upon him the degree of Master of Arts in 1880.

After leaving college Mr. Manners began the study of law with Collins & Corbin, of Jersey City, and at the same time took a course at the Columbia Law School in New York City, graduating from that institution with the degree of LL.B. in 1879. In November, 1880, he was admitted to the bar, and since then he has been actively and successfully engaged in the practice of his profession in his native city. Although interested in mu- nicipal matters and politics, he has declined offers of political preferment. A large portion of his time is taken up with the care and management of his own property and business affairs.

Mr. Manners has ably assisted those who, have procured for Jersey City an improved water supply and other public improvements. Greater Jersey City has also claimed Mr. Manners's attention, and received his favorable comment. Many advantages are to be gained in bringing the various municipalities of Hudson County under one name and government. This unity of development in particular is much to be desired. With the extension of rapid transit facilities the last of apparent excuses for delaying consolidation has disappeared, and it would seem a needless expense to keep up separate charters in contiguous towns.

As a landlord Mr. Manners is liked by his tenants, and their praise is in evidence of his liberality and forbearance. He is a member of the Hudson County Bar Association, the University and Palma Clubs of Jersey City, the Princeton Club of New York City, the Sons of the American Revolution, and other societies. Of literary aptitude, he writes occasionally for newspapers and magazines. He is unmarried.


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Hudson County Facts  by Anthony Olszewski - Hudson County History
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