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Genealogical History Of Hudson And Bergen Counties New Jersey

Originally published in 1900
Cornelius Burnham Harvey, Editor

Edited by GET NJ, COPYRIGHT 2003

JAMES S. NEWKIRK, Secretary and Treasurer of the Provident Institution for Savings, of Jersey City, was born in Bergen (now Jersey City) September 9, 1852. His family at one time was one of the most numerous in Hudson County, and the name is still very common. More than a cen- tury ago some members of the family settled in New York State, in Ulster and Sullivan Counties, where their numerous descendants have spread rapidly and become prominent in the various walks of life.

Mattheus Cornelissen, who is said to have been a native of Nieuwkercke (New Church) in Hol land, emigrated to America in about the year 1660, and after landing and staying at New Amsterdam a short true went to Flatbush, L. I., where he bought and located on a "Bouwerie" of about thirty-six acres of land, butting, as his deed declared, on "Corlears Flats." This tract he sold March 10, 1665, to one Arent Eyertse, and he removed thence to the "Town of Bergen," in New Jersey. Here, he married one Anna Luby, daughter of Jacob Luby, who had served as a non-commissioned officer (Sergeant) in the Dutch West India service, but who had for some years been a resident and landholder at Bergen. Mattheus Cornelissen assumed the surname of Newkirk – in honor of his birthplace, no doubt. He leased lands at Bergen which were afterward conveyed to his children. His occupation seems to have been that of a farmer. His wife, Anna, died December 20, 1685, and he married in 1686 Catharine Pouwless, a daughter of Poulus Pieterse, of Bergen. She died in April, 1764. The children of Matthew Cornelissen Van New Kirk were twelve – five by the first wife and seven by the second wife: Gertrude, Gerritie, Jacomina, Cornelius, Jacob, Jannetje, John, Jannetje, Peter, Gerrit, Poulus, and Cornelius. Those by the first wife scattered to different parts of the country, while those of the second wife remained in Bergen County, inheriting all their mother's property, which was considerable. The eleventh of these children, Gerrit Newkirk (2d gen.), born at Bergen November 18, 1696, married September 5, 1730, Catrina, daughter of Hendrick Kuyper (Cooper). She died September 12, 1751. He died April 23, 1785. Their children of the third generation were four: Catrina, Janneke, Matthew, and Henry.

Matthew (3d gen.) married Caroline, daughter of Arent Toers. He died July 10, 1811, leaving three children: Garret M., Aaron, and Henry.

Garret M. Newkirk (4th gen.), born at Bergen April 9, 1766, died August 28, 1832, married Polly Ackerman. They had six children: Catharine, Margaret, Sally, Sally, Henry, and Garret.

Garret G. Newkirk (5th gen.), born at Bergen October 17, 1808, married (1) October 25, 1828, Rachel, daughter of Halmigh Van Houten. She died December 1, 1835. He married (2) Jane Fowler, widow of Abram Tice. She died October 6, 1849. He married (3) September 6, 1851, Eliza Ann Beatty, daughter of George E. Beatty, born in 1820. His children by three wives were: two by first wife, ten by second wife, and four by third wife. One of these children is the subject of this sketch.

James S. Newkirk (6th gen.) inherited all the sturdy characteristics of his race and early displayed those intellectual qualities which have since won for him so much distinction in the affairs of life. He was educated in the common schools, at Columbian Academy, and at District School No. 1 in the Town of Bergen. He commenced his business career as clerk in the grocery store of Jacob Van Winkle, of Bergen Square. in 1865. Five years later, or in 1870, he entered the Provident Institution for Savings in Jersey City, with which he has ever since been actively identified, having filled important positions in all the departments up to and including the offices of Secretary and Treasurer, which he now holds.

Mr. Newkirk has not, however, aspired to public or political office. having devoted himself almost exclusively to business affairs. For five years he was a member of the Fourth Regiment, N. G. N. J. He is a member of the Jersey City and Union League Clubs, of the Free and Accepted Masons, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and of the Junior Order United American Mechanics.

Mr. Newkirk's first wife, Mary Elizabeth Terhune, died in 1878. In 1881 he married Annabella Meeker Randall, and they have four children of the seventh generation.


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