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Day Care and Pre-School

Academic Day Care & Learning Center
211A Washington
201 333 7533

First Steps Daycare Center
340 3rd Street
201 216 1007

Garden Preschool Cooperative, Inc.
260 Grove Street
201 309 0440

Growing Tree, Inc.
160 Fifth Street
201 222 2721

Holland Gardens Childcare Center
241 Sixteenth Street
201 792 5937

Lipton Corporate Child Care Center
525 Washington Boulevard
201 610 0422
fax 201 610 9622

Montessori School of Jersey City
17 Erie Street

Smile Child Care Center
194 Newark Avenue
201 946 1335, 201 963 8533

Square Ecumenical Education Center, Inc.
48 Center Street
201 653 3003

Jersey City and Hoboken Real Estate
Waterfront Apartments and Condominiums

Second Thief, Best Thief - The Tunnel Bar by Anthony Olszewski - Stories from a Jersey City Tavern
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Hudson County Facts  by Anthony Olszewski - Hudson County History
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George Washington to Run for Office!

The New Jersey Mafia

The Hudson River Is Jersey City's Arena For Water Sports!

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