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School Houses

In 1664 the first, school-house was built on the lot set apart for school purposes on the northeast corner of the square. Mr. Winfield states that this school-house was of logs, but from the records in the Deacons Account books it evidently was not. It is not known positively whether it was of stone, brick, or frame, but several entries of 1 lbs. of nails, "whitewashing" and "nailing boards in the gable," are included in the account of work and repairs upon the building. Whatever it was, for about fifty years it was used, and then a new school building was erected on the site of the first. The records state that, "On Tuesday, May 11, 1708, Mathews Bensum had made a foundation, and Mr. Adrian Vermuelen, Voorleezer at Bergen, laid the corner stone."

The following is the itemized account of the expenses incurred:

1708 To Adrian Quackinbush for 100 boards at 28 st. apiece st.
1708 To Mathew Bensum, 10 days at 10f per ,day; mason 100
1708 To Martin Winne, 21 days at 10f; mason 210.
1708 To Risso, the hod-carrier, 21 days at 3 realtje per day 95.10
1708 To 6 lbs. nails at 3f per lb 18.
1708 To the glazier, 23 feet of glass 69.
1708 To Samuel Bayard, for 84 lbs. nails at 3f per lb 252.
1708 TO 5 lbs. nails at 3f per lb. 15
1708 To lock for the door. 7.10

Total for 1708, 907

1710, Expended over 1708, f907

May 3 To Mathew Mott for iron work 84
May 3 To Helmigh Roelofse for paving stone (steen blinkers) 86.
May 3 To Cornelis Van Vorst, 2 lb. nails at 3f per lb 6.
May 3 To Hendrik Clausse Kuyper for 4 lb. nails 12.
May 3 To Gerrit Stynmets for 4 lb. nails 12.
Oct. 3 To Gerrit Roose for laying the ceiling 40.
Oct. 3 To his board 6.
Oct. 3 10 lbs nails. 15.
Oct. 3 To 10 boards at 36 stivers apiece 18.
Oct. 3 For carting the boards. 7.10.

Total cost, f1,193.10

Several citizens, evidently gratuitously, carted materials to the site, in all sixty-three loads of stone, twenty-one loads of clay, five loads of sand, one load of lime. Repairs were made in 1782. In 1790 the Columbia Academy was erected on the same site and stood until 1857, when the present school-house, No. 11 was built. In the rear wall of this building are many of the stones used in the old Academy and it, is ornamented with the same weather vane that adorned the former building. Tradition states that this is the veritable weather vane that first surmounted the steep roof of the Octagonal Church, then was removed to the

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