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Sheyichbi and its People

Before the white race came to America, the locality ,now known as Jersey City, was occupied by a branch of the Minsi division of the Lenni Lanape Nation of the lied Men, and was called Sheyichbi. The whole of the present state of New Jersey belonged to the Lenape, and was occupied by bands bearing different names according to the special features of the locality, but all recognizing their unity as one people. Those who lived here, along the western shore of the New York Bay, extending to the sea, were known as the Wapings, or Pomptons, and were the first of the Lenape to, meet the white man when Verrezano visited this harbor in 1524. Their last home was along the, Raritan river.

The name Lenni Lenape means "Men of our Nation," and they claimed to be the oldest nation and root of the great Algonkin stock, which, in its various divisions, with forty distinct dialects, occupied this continent fromHudson's Bay to South Carolina, and from the Atlantic to the, Mississippi and the great plains, with the exception of a portion east of the Lakes where the Huron Iroquois dwelt. The other Algonkin nations were spoken of by them as "children," "grandchildren," or "younger brothers," and to them was always accorded the respectful title of " grandfathers." Their traditions taught them that they came from

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