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"Little India"

"Little India" -- Newark Avenue between Kennedy Boulevard and Tonnelle Avenue -- is the center of gravity for Jersey City's vibrant Indian community. It's only a couple of blocks from the Journal Square PATH subway station.

A number of grocery, video, electronics, jewelry, and clothing stores supply the needs of the immigrant community. Here's a great place to gift-shop for an Indian friend or just to get something different and special.

The restaurants reflect India's ancient and sophisticated cuisine. The dishes are nearly all vegetarian. Atmospheres range from fast-food to formal. In every case, prices are a bargain. Indian food traditionally is extremely spicy. If your tastes tend to the bland, ask the waiter for advice.

For your special occasions, or just a change of pace, these restaurants offer take-out and catering. Some also offer local delivery.

When you stop by be sure to bring home a very special treat -- a box of Indian sweets

Restaurants And Confectioners

809 Newark Avenue
phone: 201-222-1818
Fax: 201-798-5424

Indian Palace
804 Newark Avenue
phone: 201-459-6333

826 Newark Avenue
phone: 201-656-6660

810 Newark Avenue
phone: 201-222-8850

Sasha Mahal
824 Newark Avenue
phone: 201-963-6672

806 Newark Avenue
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Fine Eastern Fashions Are Easy To Find

This Restaurant Prepares A Wide Variety Of Dinner And Dessert Items

Though The Atmosphere Is Elegant, The Prices Are Low!

Need Authentic Items To Prepare Indian Foods Yourself? Search No More!

Video Tapes In Many Laguages And Formats

The Journal Square Area Is Also Home To A Middle-Eastern Community

There's A Number Of Centers Specializing In Calls To The Sub-Continent

A Cultural Center

Reflecting The Totality Of The Community's Needs

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