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Millburn: 1857 - 1957

By the Millburn Centennial Committee

Originally appeared in 1957
This Web version, copyright 2004

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  • The Millburn Municipal Band

  • The Neighborhood House
  • However, in those homes, as was everywhere still true, life was real and life was earnest, and the matrons of the households with leisure at their disposal, over and above the management of their estabhshments, devoted much of their time to social welfare work and horticulture.

    Thus, organizations like the Neighborhood House and garden clubs came into being. In February, 1894, Mrs. Stewart Hartshorn organized the "Ladies Relief Society of the Civic League of Millburn Township" on account of "unusual depression and consequent lack of employment." The purpose of this group was "to visit all cases of destitution, make a thorough investigation, and give relief (chiefly food and clothing) in proportion to the needs of the destitute." In 1900 it became the "Relief Association of Millburn," and in 1903 it changed its name to "Neighborhood Association of Millburn Township" with Mrs. Stewart Hartshorn its first President. In 1918 the house at 12 Taylor Street was given by Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor. From this worthy beginning and the social consciousness of a few women grew the present "Neighborhood House," a social service organization which provides assistance to all citizens, in many community social needs.

    The Short Hills Garden Club was formed as the successor to the "9 of Spades" club organized in 1906 by nine women devoted to gardening, and in 1913 it became one of the 12 founder members of the Garden Club of America. Many beautiful and unusual gardens were developed in Short Hills in those years, a few of which are still in existence.

    By the semi-centennial year 1907 Millburn Township had taken a long leap into the 20th century, and had also taken steps to consolidate all the sections of the community into one working unit.


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