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A Guide To Its Present And Past
Compiled and Written by the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration for the State of New Jersey
American Guide Series

Originally published in 1939
Some of this information may no longer be current and in that case is presented for historical interest only.

Edited by GET NJ, COPYRIGHT 2003

Tour 37
(Philadelphia, Pa.)-Palmyra-Junction with US 30; State S41.

(Philadelphia, Pa.)-Palmyra-Junction with US 30; State S41.
Pennsylvania Line to Junction with US 30, 19.4 m.
Tourist homes and roadstands.
Two-, three-, and four-lane concrete roadbed.

State S41 runs southeast through low, rolling sand and swamp country where a collection of half a dozen houses is called a town. Through truck farming and orchard land the road enters a region of better soil, more extensive farms, and more numerous roadstands.

State S41 crosses the Pennsylvania Line 10.8 miles east of Philadelphia, Pa. on the TACONY-PALMYRA BRIDGE (passenger cars 300, pedestrians 50), a steel arch structure, almost a mile long, spanning the Delaware River. The bridge, owned by a private corporation, was opened in 1929. The main span is 525 feet long.

PALMYRA (10 alt., 4,968 pop.), is skirted at 0.5 m. Clustered houses are seen L.

Reddish, sandy earth along both sides of the road alternates with black, swampy ground, hidden by a thick growth of marsh plants. Narrow streams twist through the vegetation. Some of the sand hills are bare and perpendicular where the soil has been shaved away for use as fill.

At 2.5 m., at an overpass, is the junction with US 130 (see Tour 19).

At 3 m. is the northern end of the orchard region, with large groves of peach and apple trees. Rows of corn are often planted between the trees.

At 6.1 m., at a traffic circle, is the junction with State 38 (see Tour 26).

FELLOWSHIP, 7.4 m. (70 alt., 150 pop.), originally a Quaker settlement, is a small village of a half dozen fine old farmhouses and a few more in dilapidated condition

. At 10.6 m., at a traffic circle, is the junction with State 40 (see Tour 27).

Between Marlton and Kresson a scrub-oak forest borders the road.

KRESSON, 13.3 m. (90 alt., loo pop.), was called Milford until 25 years ago when the name was changed to avoid confusion with another Milford on the upper Delaware River. Road maps still carry the old name.

At the western edge of the village is KRESSON LAKE (adm. 10), with bathing facilities.

At 15.8 m. is the junction with a sandy road.

Right on this road to SUNSHINE LAKE, 0.3 m. (adults, 25; children, 10), a natural body of water bordered on its eastern side by a large picnic grove. Swimming is permitted.

The outlying houses of Berlin (see Tour 23) straggle along the road (R).

At 19.4 m. State S41 overpasses US 30 (see Tour 23) and circles L. to form a junction.

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