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A Guide To Its Present And Past
Compiled and Written by the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration for the State of New Jersey
American Guide Series

Originally published in 1939
Some of this information may no longer be current and in that case is presented for historical interest only.

Edited by GET NJ, COPYRIGHT 2003

Tour 6
South from the Northwest Corner – Andover

ANDOVER, 26.8 miles (620 alt., 479 pop.), is a small hill town of nineteenth-century atmosphere and cast, though its historic associations late back for two centuries. The town site and Andover Mine were parts of a tract of 11,000 acres obtained from William Penn's heirs by furnace builders.

In October 1932, Arthur Barry, the cultured criminal whose hauls reputedly reached the figure of $2,000,000, was captured on a nearby farm here he had lived 15 months. The tip of an Andover shopkeeper from whom Barry had purchased New York newspapers led to the arrest of the dapper, moustached second-story man who had fled to Andover after escaping from Auburn Prison in New York.

Left from Andover on a macadamized road to (R) the ANDOVER MINE, 0.7 miles, with the most extensive deposit of hematite ore known in the State. Along the road there is no indication of the mine except a 20-foot bank of shale. About 500 yards in the surrounding woods are huge piles of slag and a pit, 200 feet deep, from which ore to supply the Revolutionary armies was dug. Because the need for iron was great and the Andover iron produced the best steel in the Colonies, the mine taken over by the State in 1778 at the suggestion of the Continental Congress. Supplying both the Andover and Waterloo forges, it was operated sporadically until early part of the nineteenth century.

CAMP WAWAYANDA, 1.1 milrd, on the shore of NEW WAWAYANDA LAKE which parallels the road (L), is conducted by the Y.M.C.A. It was named for another camp moved from a previous location because of the abundance of poisonous copperhead snakes.

Right at 2.7 m. to CAMP NORDLAND, 2.9 m., at the tip of LAKE ILIFF, whose shores were the overnight camping ground of Indians on their trips to the coast. Signs indicate the Einfahrt (entrance) to the camp and the way zu dern Jungendlager (to the children's camp). Behind the long, single-story, yellow frame RECREATION HALL with its squat clock tower is the parade ground where disciplined uniformed troops, their arms outstretched in the Nazi salute, marched in review formation to celebrate the opening of the camp during the summer of 1937. In the recreation hall is a large picture of Hitler with a list of contributors to the camp fund below it and the slogan, Auch dein Nagel hilft dem Bau (Your nail, too, helps the building). Several of the larger New Jersey papers vigorously condemned the camp.

At 27.3 miles the highway passes under the embankment of the Lackawanna R.R. cut-off, 110 feet high and stretching for 3 miles across Pequest Valley. Built just prior to the World War, it helped to reduce the main line distance by 11 miles.

The road winds up into greater hills, rolling stony hummocks, heavily forested. "The largest hot dog in the world" barks from a typical roadside sign.

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