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A Guide To Its Present And Past
Compiled and Written by the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration for the State of New Jersey
American Guide Series

Originally published in 1939
Some of this information may no longer be current and in that case is presented for historical interest only.

Edited by GET NJ, COPYRIGHT 2003

Tour 6
South from the Northwest Corner – Hainesville

HAINESVILLE, 4.2 miles (640 alt., 311 pop.), a dairying center, lies about l00 yards (R) from the highway. A little town of mid-Victorian houses, a white steepled church, and an inn from stagecoach days, it thins out rapidly into scattered farms and barns along Beerskill River. This was once part of the hunting grounds of the Minisink or Munsee Indians (people of the stony land). They called themselves Brothers of the Wolf, and wore wolfskins over their heads at ceremonies. Their descendants in Oklahoma have a legend that, like the brothers who founded Rome, two of their ancestors were nursed by a she-wolf. The babies' wails brought hunters to their rescue.

At Hainesville the highway takes the route of the Minisink Trail, which began on the Delaware River at Minisink Island and led to the seacoast near Perth Amboy. Western Indians passed over the trail, carrying furs to exchange for wampum and dried clams and fish from coastal tribes. One band of 700, carrying 70,000 pelts, was reported at Minisink in 1694. Arent Schuyler and other traders had posts on the trail. US 206 follows the trail route southeast to Branchville, touching it again at several points as far south as Stanhope. Heaps of shell, pottery, bones, and stone implements have been found along this route.

The highway, now two-lane concrete, rises steadily through hilly, rugged and thinly populated country. It follows, for 1.5 miles, the valley of Little Flat Brook, a trout stream.

At 7.3 miles is the confluence of Big Flat Brook, another popular trout stream, and Normanock Brook.

TUTTLES CORNER, 7.9 miles, is a hamlet of woodsmen.

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