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Hudson County Facts
In this environment people tended not to be judgmental
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Power to the People

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Posted by Joseph Mendez on January 26, 2005 at 23:09:13:

Last week John Bredin, a Hoboken resident, wrote in the Hudson Reporter about his willingness to form a nonpartisan political think tank in Hudson County. I too, am an optimist, but to infer that the cancer which is Hudson County politics is merely a matter of bad reputation is absurd. Hudson County is ranked amongst the top five most corrupt counties in the nation. I believe your very own ex- mayor and assemblyman Anthony Russo will soon be checking into a government run country club for accepting bribes. Secaucus just had it's assemblyman, Anthony Impreveduto, sentenced to five years probation for spending campaign funds on his daughter's wedding, sports memorabilia and trips to the Caribbean. The bum should have gotten five years for filing fraudulent statements to the state election law enforcement commission and for betraying his constituents. Probation sends the wrong message to other deviant politicians who may be contemplating or are currently participating in such corruption. Can you, Mr. Bredin look yourself in the mirror when you state that my observation of the Democratic machine in Hudson County being rife with corruption is merely an assertion? You quote an article about the bravery of Bob Menendez in confronting the corrupt musto regime. That was very commendable of Mr. Menendez to face the Musto Mafia. Now allow me to explain why Mr. Menendez will never get my vote again. He now runs the corrupt political machine and his bravery seems to be absent when it comes to cleaning house. His bravery seems to escape him in that he fails to denounce the actions of his former colleagues when they brake the law. His bravery eludes him when he fails to back such legislation as the bill being currently proposed by assemblyman Anthony Chiaponne, which would deny any public official, from either party, the privilege of collecting a pension after they have been indicted of a felony and have their names removed from any public space, including the parks that our children play in. Bret Schundler, who is running for Governor has proposed some serious reform initiatives and is encouraging the public to challenge their representatives as to whether they intend to support such reform. This is one taxpayer who believes that the cycle of deceit, betrayal and lawlessness in Hudson County politics at whatever level is unacceptable. I know for a fact that I am not alone in my views. As the chairman of the Hudson County Young Republicans I will do everything in my power to expose the corruption in both parties and endorse legislation that gives power back to the people of this state. Power to hold accountable those elected officials which we have given the privilege of serving us. I have determined to focus my energy on the difficult but worthy task of encouraging others from both political parties and all walks of life to get involved in their communities. To hold accountable those who would administer the hard earned money that we pay in taxes, those in whom we entrust the safety and education of our children. We can only rehabilitate our "reputation" for political corruption, as Mr. Bredin states, when we the citizenry, regardless of political affiliation, finally say enough is enough.

Mr. Bredin goes on to discuss some of the wonderful aspects of civic life in Hoboken. Specifically the symposia bookstore and the courageous and innovative efforts of
Mr. Corneliu Rusu, the owner of symposia. I have great respect for Mr. Rusu because he welcomes all points of view into his sanctuary, including that of the Republican party. He was gracious enough to host an event recently which was sponsored by some members of the Hoboken Republican Club and in doing so, he has convinced me,as to the purity of his crusade to provide a fertile environment for people of all stripes to engage one another in debate and collaborate in the enrichment of our minds and communities. I welcome you Mr. Bredin, to climb up the hill and visit Weehawken, also a beautiful town, overflowing with civic minded people. We can talk over a cup of joe, ( cafe con leche), and formulate a plan to bring this think tank to life. I can be reached at

Joseph Mendez
Weehawken resident
Chairman of the Hudson County Young Republicans
Union member I.B.E.W. local 102

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  • Re: Power to the People Joe Mendez you are a bs and the hoboken republican a bunch of anti blacks and minorities are you for real or you are a real uncle TOM of the PR people in Hudson fufuof platano or banana republic get a life with those nuts.... 22:48:46 06/02/05 (0)

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