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Posted by Urban Times News on September 26, 2003 at 05:27:46:

Urban Times News

Jersey City—Bernie Kenny, Jr., son of one of New Jersey’s pioneers in political corruption, can talk about little else these days but rant to all who will listen about the newspaper nobody reads. He has that thousand yard stare. We could not locate a cult de-programmer so instead we thought we would give him something to talk about so he would not appear so entirely demented.

Other media outlets grant Kenny Jr. the mike and accept without question his representations that he has been maligned inaccurately and maliciously and that the same brush has tarred others such as Congressman Robert Menendez. Fathers of both men are deceased. Had other media checked facts they would have found that all statements regarding these persons are based on incontrovertible fact. Bernie Kenny Jr.’s father went to prison on federal corruption charges in 1955.

He was again embroiled in a corruption scandal in 1971 along with the Hudson 8 corruption trial. He was named as an unindicted coconspirator along with the famous John V. Kenny—no relation. Bernie Kenny Jr.’s father was again in the midst of the corruption trial of North Bergen mayor Angelo Sarubbi. Again, in 1975, along with Sarubbi, in connection with the payoffs around the construction of the Kearney Post Office, Bernard Kenny was named an unindicted coconspirator. Though he was named both times in the prosecutors’ cases as a co conspirator, he was not indicted. The facts beg the question “Why was he not indicted?” That should give pause to Jr.’s contemporary political allies. Urban Times absolutely did say all these things. UTN did exercise restraint and withheld potentially more harmful disclosures for fear of the repercussions on innocent victims.

In the case of Congressman Bob Menendez, Urban Times News did recount the tale of how the young politico shamelessly threw his mentor and benefactor, Bill Musto under the prosecutorial bus. Menendez lived in Musto’s house, married the daughter of Musto’s best friend to make himself more marketable to the “Gringos,” and how, miraculously, of all those involved, he alone escaped prosecution in that corruption scandal. Menendez personally signed all the checks to all the contractors who eventually went to prison. And UTN did report that he refused to pay for the funeral of his own father, Darius, a degenerate gambler who committed suicide. Musto paid for the funeral.

UTN wrote that Menendez received campaign contributions from a company with ties to Osama bin Laden in Sudan, a country on the US State Department list of State Sponsors of Terrorism at a time when Menendez served on the Homeland Security Committee of the US House of Representatives. Menendez secured for the company a single-constituent piece of legislation allowing the Jersey City campaign contributor to circumvent the laws prohibiting trading with the enemy.

Later UTN learned that Menendez, with the then-young Bernie Kenny Jr. at his side, told newspapers that “there are times when what one looks at as a law at a given time has to be broken.” Menendez also told the Hudson Dispatch, on October 7, 1987 that he “supports the use of violence and breaking the rule of law in the fight for a free Cuba.” Menendez and Kenny where raising money for the legal defense of a convicted terrorist and murderer, Eduardo Arocena. Arocena was convicted on 25 of 26 counts of terror bombings that killed 30 victims in New York New Jersey and Florida. Menendez said, “The fight should be carried out wherever the enemy may be.” These acts of political terror and lawlessness that Menendez spoke out in favor of occurred here in the United States, not an abstract notion of freedom fighters half a world away. These victims were murdered here on U.S. soil by the man Menendez and Kenny were raising funds to help.

The next day, October 8, l987, Menendez said that he never said those things, or at least not in that sense, and that his quotes were taken out of context and misconstrued. Kenny Jr. said that he did not know that the money would be used for anything except legal defense of Arocena and denied any knowledge of why Arocena needed to be defended.

Fast forward to 2003. Menendez supported, albeit indirectly, state sponsors of terror. Kenny’s dad was an old-school Hudson grifter three times over. Kenny and Menendez claimed to have been much maligned and misunderstood and inaccurately portrayed by the press. Since then, Menendez has perfected spin to the point where these days he can make a dervish dizzy.

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