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Steve Lipski Announces Run for Mayor of Jersey City

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Posted by GET NJ on September 15, 2004 at 08:26:11:

Steve Lipski, Jersey City Councilman
Click HERE for Steve Lipski News!

Video: Steve Lipski Runs for Mayor of Jersey City

Good afternoon and boy is it a good afternoon.Today, I, Steve Lipski, declare my candidacy as the
reform candidate for Mayor in the upcoming special election, Tuesday, November 2. I'm running for Mayor because as a life long Jersey City resident I know and understand the residents of
Jersey City demand straight talk and common sense.

I chose this location, Create Charter High School, a school I opened 3 years ago, to announce I am running for Mayor. It is here that we are reforming education for our children who represent our future, and it's Jersey City's future that my candidacy is all about.

My life experiences have taught me that you have to be prepared to take on tough fights and that making a real difference in people's lives is what matters most. I learned my values from my family, church, schools, and the people of Jersey City. They taught me what really matters most is respect for self and respect for others. I learned from them that you usually get more done when you work with people rather than fight them. These lessons served me well.

I am the only candidate who has worked consistently with former mayor Bret Schudler to expand
educational choice and with late mayor Glenn D. Cunningham to build Golden Neighborhoods. Yes, I am a Democrat, but I have always put people before politics.

Because corruption and special interests equal higher taxes and ineffective government, the residents of Jersey City demand and deserve a corruption free, machine free, and special interest free government. My job as Mayor of Jersey City will be to meet those demands, and I have the experience where it counts: right here in Jersey City.

As Mayor, I will establish at least six specific goals, objectives, and standards for government reform.

My first goal is to create a People's Report Card. Within 45 days after my election I will create and publish the People's Report Card to evaluate our government's performance. It will contain specific goals, objectives, and timetables for each department that can be evaluated by you and me. No longer will the people or employees of Jersey City be mislead about who has to do what. Jersey City has some of the best workers in the world; unfortunately, there is no standard of accountability for us to judge them. I will correct that.

My second goal is to create the position of a "Taxpayers' Watchdog." 58% (26.42 C, 31.76 S,
and 41.82.JC) of our municipal budget goes to pay for County government and the Board of Education. Last year, the County raised Jersey City taxes by 11.84% (tax certification schedule by Cty. Bd. of Tax); yet there is no one in City government analyzing their budgets. We need accountability, and I will bring it.

My third goal is to create a Department or division of lifelong learning. From cradle to grave, we must find ways for our people to reconnect with the knowledge of tomorrow with the wisdom of today. We must forge a much stronger partnership with Jersey City's Board of Education to provide protection for our children before, during, and after school. Charter schools need to be looked at, assisted, and expanded, and the Jersey City Employment and Training Corporation will work in concert with (not promoting concerts for) the people of Jersey City to provide them high quality training so they can get good jobs not free theater tickets.

My fourth goal is to create the "Peoples' Hour" /"Mobile Mayor's Office". Every week I will devote three hours to meet with any resident of Jersey City, and I will do it in the Wards. I will do this by setting up a Ward by Ward schedule and driving directly to the people. In my administration, every resident, in every ward, will have the opportunity to voice their
problems and suggestions directly to the Mayor.

My fifth goal is to create a senior buying network and on-call jitney bus service. Our senior citizens worked hard all their lives and made possible what we have today. It is our turn to help them by using the leverage of our government to negotiate with businesses to offer discounts and then produce a discount coupon book for our seniors. Also, I will establish a jitney bus service to help our senior community get to medical appointments and shop
around our city.

My sixth and final goal is to create a Safe Street program. I will use whatever Urban Enterprise Zones monies are available to hire new police officers to make our communities more secure.

This is what I will do to REFORM GOVERNMENT NOW!

There are political insiders saying we are getting in the race too late. Yes, others have announced earlier and time in service has its place, but the people in Jersey City have had enough. They want vitality not longevity. REFORM GOVERNMENT NOW!

The same political insiders might tell you that am a spoiler of another candidate's chance to win. Don't believe them. The only thing my candidacy is spoiling is their idea of having a good time with your money. REFORM GOVERNMENT NOW!

These same political insiders might make arguments through slinging mud and fear tactics, but we'll take the high road and tell these political insiders, REFORM GOVERNMENT NOW!

We in Jersey City have a choice. We can submit to the forces against us: inadequate services, machine politicians, and special interests; or, we can seize control of our own destiny by making Jersey City government work efficiently and effectively on behalf of all our people and neighborhoods. For me, and, I think, for the residents of Jersey City, the choice is easy, even if the challenges are hard. And I'm ready, willing, and eager to help lead the fight to overcome the difficult challenges.

There are 49 days left to the election, and thisnumber 49 is significant because in 1949 a young reform mayoral candidate beat the Frank Hague machine, and now a young reformer is going to beat the current machine and turn government back to
you. That reformer is me.

During the course of the campaign I will listen to you to learn about additional reforms.


However, in closing I will make one promise: Honesty, integrity and unity will be the legacy I will create for the people of Jersey City.

Thank you. God Bless you, and God Bless Jersey City!

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