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Hudson County Hate Monger Hal Turner Faces Purple Heart Veteran Jaime Vazquez in Court

Hal Turner, FBI Informant? | Internet War waged against Hal Turner

Jaime Vazquez
Jaime Vazquez

Hal Turner -- North Bergen based professional racist -- will again face Jaime Vazquez, Vietnam veteran, recipient of the Purple Heart, director of the Jersey City Office of Veterans Affairs, Frmr. Deputy Mayor, and Frmr. Ward E Councilman. This time the confrontation is in court instead of the street.

On July 10th at 2PM, the case (Docket# S2006000382) is scheduled for the North Bergen Court, 4233 Kennedy Boulevard, North Bergen, NJ 07047, 201.392.2088.

Jersey City attorney Ray Velazquez, Jr. is representing Jaime Vazquez.

The original court appearance was on May 17th. There, Hal Turner said that his attorney, Jim Orlando, could not take the case. For that reason, Hal Turner requested a continuance. With no objection from Vazquez's attorney, Ray Velazquez, Jr., Municipal Court Judge Nino F. Falcone granted the postponement.

Jim Orlando later told the Jersey Journal "that Turner had never hired him."

During the May 17th appearance, Jaime Vazquez's lawyer, Ray Velazquez, Jr., informed the Judge of death threats posted on Hal Turner's Web Site aimed at Jaime Vazquez. The Judge then ordered both parties not to make any public comments until the trial is over. Hal Turner then tried to explain the material on his Web Site. The Judge interrupted Turner saying, "You are here before the court on serious charges. Refrain from making comments about the case until further notice."

This comment (by one "POGO") appeared on a Message Board at the Hal Turner Web Site:
I was in court this motning (sic) to monitor the violent spic's phony counter-charges against Hal Turner. Mind you, this is a municipal court, not State or Federal, and yet the judge imposed a GAG ORDER on both parties. The case is postponed one month.

Howard W. Bailey is Hal Turner's attorney now.

Last April, in response to published statements by Hal Turner calling for the killing of undocumented aliens, Jaime Vazquez picketed in front of Turner's house. Vazquez carried a sign: "Hal Turner -- shoot me! Racists and bigots like you are cowards."

Hal Turner came out of the house to challenge Jaime Vazquez. Here's a description of the incident from the Turner Web Site:
. . .
Turner defended himself by putting Vazquez down into the gutter at curbside. Vazquez was removed by ambulance.
"Folks who don't like my radio show should not listen to it. and folks who don't like my web site should not visit it." said Turner. "Coming to my house to cause trouble or to attack me will not go unconfronted." he continued.

Jaime Vazquez is in poor health and weighs approximately 135 pounds. The week before the incident Mr. Vazquez was in a car accident. He sustained back injuries.

Here's one visitor's comment from Hal Turner's Web Site:
We need to KILL this spic ASAP!!! He out right attacked Hal, some one should just take him out, what is this spic anyway? does it have any ''family''? if not it should be very easy to KILL it. There are 4 million more like this spic, and 6 trillion JOOZ to take care of....can we do it???? I SURE HOPE SO. we may DIE off trying, it will not be pretty, it will NOT be funded, LOL!
. . .

The Anti-Defamation League has criticized Hal Turner's extremist views many times. Turner outlines what he calls "Patriotic Assassination" -- "The final option for cleaning things up would be to use force and violence to effect change via assassination of members of Congress and the Supreme Court."

Hal Turner claims that on May 10th a member of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in Newark and a Detective Sergeant of the New Jersey State Police Office of Counter Terrorism delivered a message: "Headquarters in Washington has instructed us to close you down." Here's Turner's response from his Web Site:
. . .
If I had to assess my role in the world, I think I would be more like an inspiration to a whole slew of potential Timothy McVeighs! I don't make bombs, I make bombers.

If my assessment of my influence is correct, it seems to me that before FBI or another government agency takes me out, they need to ask themselves how many government buildings they want to lose to truck bombs if some of my listeners decide to take revenge? 5? 10?
. . .

Hal Turner claims to be the "Chairman of the Republican Party of Hudson County, NJ Corp." This group is in no way involved with the Hudson County Republican Party that is recognized by the state and national GOP. Local Republicans have never heard of Turner's "NJ, Corp." Hudson GOP figures believe that Turner's "Party" is no more than a paper corporation with little or no membership.

Some years back, Hal Turner sought the support of then Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler for a proposal to end rent control immediately and abruptly. Knowing that this would mean economic dislocation for the city's most vulnerable residents, Schundler refused to support the measure. Around ten years ago, Bret Schundler threatened a law suit to force Hal Turner to stop using Schundler's name in fundraising literature.

Bret Schundler supported a Latina, Teresa deLeon, as a Hudson GOP candidate for Congress. The Hudson County Republican Party chose Ms. deLeon instead of Hal Turner.

Mayor Schundler appointed Jaime Vazquez Deputy Mayor of Jersey City.

Some Members of the Hudson County Republican Party
at the 2004 GOP Convention in New York City
Teresa deLeon is on the left. Next is her husband, Jaime deLeon.
Hudson County GOP Chairman Jose Arango is the third from the right.
Hal Turner
Hal Turner
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