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The Origin of New Jersey Place Names

Edited by GET NJ
Copyright 2002

This publication was compiled by workers of the Federal Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of New Jersey, and was sponsored by the New Jersey State Library Commission.

Place Classification County Derivation
Absecon C At Tribe, Absogami, "little stream" (Cr)
Adelphia U Mo Knights of Pythias Lodge
Aldine U Un Aldine editions, 16th century
Alexandria Tp At James Alexander, secretary, Province of N. J.
Alexauken Cr Ht Aleschen, "to separate" (A)
Allaire U Mo James Allaire, ironmaster
Allamuchy Tp,U,P Wa Allamachtey, "place within the hills" (A)
Allendale B Be Col. Wm. C. Allen, Erie RR surveyor
Allenhurst B Mo Abner Allen, resident
Allentown B Mo Nathan Allen, son-in-law of Robert Burnet, settler
Alliance U Sa Alliance Israelite Universelle, which brought Jewish immigrants from Russia
Alligator H Sa Its shape
Alloway; (Lower) Tp,Cr Sa Chief Aloes Alloway
Almonesson Cr GI "Young fox place" (Tr)
Alpha B Wa Alpha Cement Works
Alpine B Be The Alps
Ambrose Br Mi Ambrose Latten or Lutten, Colonial landowner
Ampere U Es Andre Marie Ampere, French scientist
Amsterdam U Ht Amsterdam, Holland
Andover B,Tp Su Andover, England, by miners
Anglesea U CM Anglesey island, Welsh coast
Annandale U Ht Prob. Annan, Scotland
Annarickon Cr Bu Ani, "path" (B,A) and Naraticong or Raritan tribe
Apshawa L Pa Appaqui, "covered ground" and shag, "wet" (B)
Aqueduct U Mi Delaware and Raritan Canal aqueduct
Arcola U Be Arcola, Italy
Arlington; (N) U,B Hu,Be Arlington Heights, Va.
Asbury U Gl,Wa Francis Asbury, first Methodist bishop in America
Asbury Park C Mo Francis Asbury, first Methodist bishop in America
Ashland U Ca Estate of Henry Clay
Assunpink Cr Me Assan, "stone" (Br), pe, "water" (Ph) and ink, "place" (B) Bu
Assiscunk Cr Me Assisquo, "clay" (To) and sacunk, "stream outlet" (Br)
Atco U Ca Atlantic Transport Co. (abbr.)
Athenia U Pa Pallas Athene, Greek goddess
ATLANTIC Co,C At Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic Highlands B Mo Topography, headlands at mouth of Sandy Hook Bay
Atsion U Bu Atsionk or Atsayonk, "Indians nearby" (Tr)
Auburn U Sa Prob. Oliver Goldsmith's "Deserted Village"
Audubon B Ca John James Audubon, naturalist
Aura U GI Aura, Oregon
Avalon B CM Island of Welsh mythology
Avon-by-the-Sea B Mo Avon, England
Awosting U Pa Name of festival (Cr) ; awossagame, "heaven" (A) Un

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