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The Origin of New Jersey Place Names

Edited by GET NJ
Copyright 2002

This publication was compiled by workers of the Federal Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of New Jersey, and was sponsored by the New Jersey State Library Commission.

Place Classification County Derivation
Hackensack; (S) C,R,Tp Be Sub-tribe Achensachys or Achkencheschakey
Hackettstown T Wa Samuel Hackett, landowner
Hacklebarney SP Mr Barney Hackle, ironmaster
Haddon Tp Ca Elizabeth Haddon, settler
Haddonfield B Ca Elizabeth Haddon, settler
Haddon Heights B Ca Elizabeth Haddon, settler
Hagerville U Sa Hagar, Negress slave burned for murder of master
Hainesburg U Wa John Haines, donor of school land
Hainesport Tp Bu Barclay Haines, resident
Hainesville U Su Daniel Haines, Gov. 1843-4,1845-8
Hakihohake Cr Ht Hakihakan, "plantation" (A)
Haledon; (N) B Pa Haledon, England
Half Acre U Ms Lot acquired when innkeeper fenced off road
Halifax U,M Be Lord Halifax, who proposed military union of colonies, 1754
Hamburg B Su Hamburg, Germany
Hamilton Tp At,Me Alexander Hamilton
Hammock Cove U At Shape of bay
Hampton B Ht Jonathan Hampton, donor of church land
Hancock's Bridge U Sa Builder of bridge
Hanover; (E) U,Tp Bu,Mr House of Hanover, Eng. sov.
Hardwick Tp Wa Philip Yorke, Earl of Hardwick, jurist
Hardyston Tp Su Josiah Hardy, Gov. 1761-2
Harlingen U So Rev. Johannes M. VanHarlingen
Harmony Tp Wa Harmon Shipman
Harrington Park B Be Harring family, settlers
Harrison T,Tp Hu,Gl Pres. William Henry Harrison
Harrisonville U Sa Pres. William Henry Harrison
Hart's Corner U Me Hart family
Haworth B Be Haworth, England
Hawthorne B Pa Nathaniel Hawthorne, novelist
Head-of-the-River U At Colonial head of navigation on Tuckahoe River
Headquarters U Ht Washington's headquarters for three days, 1777
Helmetta B Mi Etta Helme, daughter of snuff factory owner
Hereford In CM Hereford, England
Hewitt U Pa Abram S. Hewitt, ironmaster, mayor of N.Y.
Hibernia U Mr Roman name of Ireland
Hickory Tree U Mr Former Democratic symbol
High Bridge B Ht Bridge leading to ironworks
High Crossing U Bu Crossing of Central RR
Highland Park B Mi Location
Highlands B Mo See Atlantic Highlands
High Point SP Su Highest point in N.J.
Hightstown B Me John Hight, settler
Hillsdale B Be Its "dale among the hills"
Hillside Tp Un Surrounding hills
Hi-Nella B Ca Indian village, "high rolling knoll"
Hoboken C Hu Hopoakan, "a pipe for smoking" (A)
Hockamick U Bu Hawker Mick, a peddler
Hockhockson Br Mo Hakihakan, "plantation" (A)
Hog Is At Shape of larger one, and hog raising by early settlers
Hog Wallow U Bu Wild hogs, now vanished
Hohokus B,Tp Be Mehohokus, "red cedar" (Ru)
Holland Tp,U,M Ht,Mr,Su Native land by Du. settlers
Holmdel Tp Mo Holmes family
Hominy Hs Mo Product of gristmills
Hopatcong B,L Su,Mr Hokunk, "above,"peek, "body of water" atn, "hill" and saconk, "outlet" (A)
Hope Tp Wa "Hope of Immortality" by Moravian missionaries
Hope Cr Sa Wreck of the Hope
Hopewell B,Tp Me The Hopewell, which brought settlers
Horicon L Oc "The hurricane wind" passing through the swamp
Horseneck L Es Shape of original tract
Howell Tp Mo Richard Howell, Gov. 1792-1801
HUDSON Co,R  Henry Hudson, explorer
Hughes Cr CM Joseph E. Hughes, county judge
HUNTERDON Co  Robert Hunter, Gov. 1710-19
Hurdtown U Mr Joseph and Daniel Hurd

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