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The Origin of New Jersey Place Names

Edited by GET NJ
Copyright 2002

This publication was compiled by workers of the Federal Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of New Jersey, and was sponsored by the New Jersey State Library Commission.

Place Classification County Derivation
Lahaway Cr Mo See Rockaway
Lafayette Tp Su Marquis de la Fayette
Lake U Gl Methodist church
Lakehurst B Oc Location near two lakes and pine woods
Lakewood Tp Oc Location near two lakes and pine woods
Lambert's Mill P Un Simeon Lambert, distiller
Lambertville C Ht John Lambert, U. S. Sen. 1809-15
Lamington U,R So Allami, "within" (A), atn, "hills" and onk, "Place" (B)
Landis Tp Cu Charles K. Landis, promoter
Landisville U At Charles K. Landis, promoter
Lanoka Harbor U Oc Formerly Lanes Oaks, for George Oaks, resident
Lansdowne U Ht Lansdown, England
Laurel Springs B Ca Medical springs in laurel grove
Lavallette B Oc Rear Adm. Elie A. F. Lavallette, War of 1812
Lawnside B Ca Lawn beside RR station
Lawrence Tp Cu,M Capt. James Lawrence, "Don't give up the ship"
Lawrenceville T Me Capt. James Lawrence, "Don't give up the ship"
Lebanon B,SP Ht,Bu Mt. Lebanon, Palestine
Leeds Point U At Daniel Leeds, West Jersey surveyor-general
Leesburg U Cu Lee brothers, shipbuilders
Lenape L Su,At Indians inhabiting New Jersey
Leonardo U Mo Henry and James Leonard, first ironmasters in N. J.
Leonia U Be Coined from Fort Lee
Liberty Tp Wa Separation from Hope Township
Libertyville U Su Outcome of Revolution
Lincoln Park B Mr Pres. Abraham Lincoln
Lincroft U Mo Anglo-Saxon, "small field of flax"
Linden C Un Trees brought from Germany
Lindy L Pa Col. Charles A. Lindbergh
Little Falls Tp Pa Lesser falls of Passaic River
Little Ferry B Be Colonial ferry
Little Silver B,R Mo Payment to Indians, or appearance of quiet water
Little York U Ht Road to New York
Livingston Tp Es William Livingston, Gov. 1776-90
Loantica Br Mr Low"n, "winter" (A) and tic, "creek" (B)
Loch Aibour U Mo Lochaber, Scotland
Lochiel Br Oc Estate of Lord Niel Campbell
Lockatong Cr Ht L'eckwa, "sand," atn, "hills" and onk, "Place" (B)
Locktown U Ht Prob. corruption of Lockatong
Lodi B Be Lodi, Italy
Logan Tp Gl Gen. John Alexander Logan
Long Beach Tp Oc Strip of beach bounding Barnegat Bay
Long Branch; (W) C Mo Long branch of Shrewsbury River
Long House Cr Pa Long log dwelling built by settlers
Longport B At John Long, landowner
Long Valley U Mr Ten-mile length
Lopatcong Tp,Cr Wa Lowan, "winter" (A), peek, "body of water" (Br), achtu, "deer" (A) and onk, "Place" (B) : "winter watering-Place of deer"
Lumberton Tp Bu Colonial lumber industry
Luppacong Cr Mo Variant of Lopatcong
Lyndhurst Tp Be Lord Lyndhurst, friend of landowner

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