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The Origin of New Jersey Place Names

Edited by GET NJ
Copyright 2002

This publication was compiled by workers of the Federal Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of New Jersey, and was sponsored by the New Jersey State Library Commission.

Place Classification County Derivation
Macanippuck U Cu Machtando, "devil" (A) and nippiog, "waters" (B)
Macedonia U Mo Macedonia, Greece
Machesautauxen Cr At Mechawa, "ancient" (B), kschateechen, "beaten road" and auke, "Place" (B)
Macopin Res Pa Mecha, "large" and woa-pipen, "wild white potato" (A)
Mad Horse Cr Sa Former swift current
Madison Tp,B Mi,Mr Pres. James Madison
Magnolia B,U Ca,Bu Magnolia tree
Mahoras Br Mo Mach, "red" (Ze) and hokes, "bark" (A)
Mahwah U Be Mawewi, "meeting Place" (Ru)
Major's Run S Sa Maj. John Fenwick, settler
Malaga U Gl Malaga, Spain
Manhasset Cr Mo Menantakh, "covered swamp" (A), assisquo, "clay" (To) and et, "near" (B)
Manahawkin Cr Oc Menach'hen, "island" (A) and hawkers, "Place" (B)
Manalapan Tp,Br Mo Menantakh,"covered swamp" (A), pen, "edible roots" (To) and allami, "within" (A)
Manapaqua U Oc Menantakh, "covered swamp" (A) and pisaqua, "mire" (To)
Manasquan B Mo Menach'hen, "island" and esquand, "door" (A)
Manchester Tp Oc Manchester, England
Mannington Tp Sa Deity, Manito
Mansfield Tp Bu Mansfield, England
Mantaloking B Oc Sub-tribe, Mantua, lekau, "sand" (A) and ink, "Place" (B)
Mantua Tp Gl Sub-tribe, Mantua
Manumuskin R At,Cu Menen, "to drink," muskee, "swamp" (A) and ink, "Place" (B)
Manunka Chunk U Wa Penunqueachung, "hill at the boundary" (Ca)
Many Mind Cr Mo Changing course of stream
Margate City C At Margate, England
Marlboro Tp Mo Marl beds
Marlton U Bu Marl beds
Marquis Cr Mi Machays, meaning unknown
Marshall I Ht Edward Marshall, Pennsylvania settler
Marshall's Corner U Me Marshall family
Marshalltown U Sa Settler
Martha U Bu Martha Potts, wife of ironmaster
Mashipacong P Su "Great pond" (B)
Masonicus U Be Masonic lodge
Matawan B,Tp Mo "Where two rivers come together" (Tr,Ru) or mechawanienk, "ancient path" (B)
Matchaponix U Mi Machtando, "devil" and ach-poan, "bread" (A) or "poisonous roots"
Mattano Pk Un Chief
Maurice River Tp,R Cu Prince Maurice of Orange and Nassau; ship, Prince Maurice, burned by Indians
Maxim U Mo Hudson Maxim, inventor
Mays Landing U At George May, dock builder
Medford; (Lakes) Tp,B Bu Medford, Mass., and lakes in vicinity
Melrose U Bu Melrose, Scotland
Menantico Cr Cu Menantakh, "covered swamp" (A)
Mendham B,Tp Mr Myndham, England
Menehicke I Pa Menach'hen, "island" (A)
Menhaden U Cu A fish
Menlo Park U Mi Menlo Park, Cal.
MERCER Co   Gen. Hugh Mercer, Revolution
Mercerville U Me Gen. Hugh Mercer, Revolution
Metedeconk R Oc,Mo Meteu, "medicine man" and saconk, "outlet of stream" (A)
Metuchen B Mi Chief Matochshegan
Middle Br So Flow through middle of Bedminster Tp.
MIDDLESEX Co,B Mi Middlesex, England
Midland Park B Be Location "amid Bergen hills"
Midvale U Pa Location in middle of valley
Mill Brook U Wa Supplying power for gristmill
Millburn Tp Es Burn (Sc. brook) that supplied power for paper and other mills
Millstone; (E) B,R,Tp Mo,So Millstone dropped in river
Milltown B Mi Early gristmills
Millville C Cu Proposed establishment of a mill town
Milton U Mr John Milton, poet
Mine Hill Tp Mr Local iron mines
Mingamahone Br Mo Min, "gathered together" (A) and mahomis, "grandfather" (B), or "assembly of council"
Minisink I Su Tribe, Minsi
Mizpah U At Biblical, "God watch between us"
Moe U Pa Ira Moe, tavern keeper
Mohepinoke M Wa Mochcum, "blood" (Br) and pin, "roots" (TO), or "bloodwort"
Money I Oc,Sa Traditional burial Place Of Captain Kidd's treasure
MONMOUTH CO   Rhode Island Monmouth Society, settlers
Monongehela Br Gl Menen, "drink" and gischgeh-hellu, "fowl with young" (A)
Monroe Tp Mi Pres. James Monroe
Montague Tp Su George Montagu, Duke Of Manchester, friend Of Colonists
Montana U Wa Mountainous country
Montclair T Es Fr., "bright mountain"
Montvale B Be Topography
Montville Tp Mr Mountainous terrain
Moonachie B Be Iroquois chief
Mooseback P Mr Mos, "elk" (A) and paug, "water hole" (B)
Moorestown Tp Bu Thomas Moore, poet
Morgan B Mi The locally prominent Morgan family – NOT the "pirate" Henry Morgan!
MORRIS Co,Tp, Cn Lewis Morris, Gov. 1738-46
Morris Plains B Mr Lewis Morris, Gov. 1738-46
Morristown Mr T Lewis Morris, Gov. 1738-46
Mountain Lakes B,L Mr Twin lakes
Mount Arlington B Mr Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington
Mount Beacon  Mr Signal fires in Revolution
Mount Bethel U Wa Methodist church
Mount Carmel U Ht Mt. Carmel, Palestine
Mount Freedom U Mr Freedom from persecution, by Quakers
Mount Gilboa  Ht Biblical Mountain
Mount Hermon U Wa Mt. Hermon, Palestine
Mount Holly Tp Bu Hill covered with holly trees
Mount Hope U Mr Settlement of Hope
Mount Horeb U So Biblical mountain
Mount Laurel Tp Bu Hill covered with laurel
Mount Miserv U Bu Fr., misericorde, "mercy," for French refugee
Mount Nebo   Su Biblical mountain
Mount Olive Tp Mr Benjamin Olive, donor of church land
Mount Pisgah U Su Biblical mountain
Mount Rose U Me Resident's roses
Mount Royal U Gl Royal baking powder
Mount Salem U Ht Methodist church
Mount Tabor U Mr Mt. Tabor, Palestine
Mount Vernon U Wa Estate of George Washington
Mulhockaway Cr Ht Mehallamagen, "to buy" (A), oek, "land" and. awa, "Place of" (B)
Mullica; (Hill) Tp,R,U At,Bu Eric Mullica, Swedish pioneer Ca,Gl
Murray Grove U Oc Rev. John Murray, founder of Universalist church
Musconetcong L,R Mr,Su Moschakgeu, "clear," hannek, Ht,Wa "stream" (A) and oak "Place" (B)
Muskee Run Br Cu Maskek, "swamp" (A),
Muskingum U Bu Muschgingus, '-rabbit" (A)
Musqu"psink Cr Be "Bloody water," girl shot by lover

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