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The Origin of New Jersey Place Names

Edited by GET NJ
Copyright 2002

This publication was compiled by workers of the Federal Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of New Jersey, and was sponsored by the New Jersey State Library Commission.

Place Classification County Derivation
Naachpunkt or Nachpunk Cr Pa Du., "bare point," name of Indian chief
Nacote Cr At Sub-tribe, Nanticoke
Nantuxent Cr Cu Ani, "path," tuck, "creek" and et, "near" (B)
National Park B Gl Red Bank Battlefield National Park
Navesink R Mo Sub-tribe, Nave Sincks
Nelson L Mi Col. John Neilson, landowner
Neptune B,Tp Mo Roman god of the ocean
Nesco U At See Nescochague
Nescmhague Cr At Asku, '"grass or meadow" and schag, "wet" (B)
Neshanic U So Nisha, "two" and hannek, "river" (A)
Netcong B Mr See Musconetcong
Newark; (E) C,B Es,Hu Newark-on-Trent, England
New Bedford U Mo New Bedford, Mass.
New Bridge U Be New bridge over Hackensack River
New Brooklyn U Gl Brooklyn, Conn.
New Brunswick C Mi King, George II, Duke of Brunswick
New Durham U Hu A favorite song of singing societies
New Durham U Mi Durham, England
New Egypt U Oc Traditional remark of Washington, that Joseph, his secretary "has been to Egypt and has gotten the corn," when the latter obtained flour from the mills here
New England Cr CM Colony of New England whalers
New England Town U Cu A New England town, Fairfield, Conn.
Newfield B Gl New field development for a town
Newfoundland U Pa,Mr Pioneer's report, "The only land we found"
New Freedom U Ca Methodist church
New Gretna U Bu Gretna Green, Scotland
New Italy U Cu Italy
NEW JERSEY    Island of Jersey, English Channel
New Lisbon U Bu Lisbon, Portugal
New Market U Mi Freight house and market
New Milford B Be Milford, Pa.
New Providence B,Tp Un Escape from falling beams in unfinished church
New Sharon U Gl,Mo Biblical valley
New Vernon U Mr Edward Vernon, English admiral
New Village U Wa Its creation by construction of Morris Canal
Newton T Su A "new town"
Nichisakawick Cr Ht Nisha, "two" (A), sacunk, "outlet of stream" (B) and wik, "house" (B) or "two outlets of stream at house"
Nihomus Run S Sa Chief
Nishuane Br Es See Neshanic
Nixon U Mi Lewis Nixon, shipbuilder
Nomahegan Br Un Noluns Mohegan, "women Mohegans," derisive name by Iroquois for Lenape
Normanock U Su Chief Nowanock
North Branch U So North branch of Raritan River
Norseville U So Norwegian settlers
Northvale B Be Location and topography
Norton U Ht Iron furnace
Norwood B Be Location in north woods of county
Nummytown U CM King Nummy (Na-mahomie)
Nutley T Es Resident's estate

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