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The Origin of New Jersey Place Names

Edited by GET NJ
Copyright 2002

This publication was compiled by workers of the Federal Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of New Jersey, and was sponsored by the New Jersey State Library Commission.

Place Classification County Derivation
Pacack Br Su See Passaic
Packanack L Pa Sub-tribe, Pequannuc
Pahaquarry Tp Wa Pohoqualin, "end of two ' mountains with stream between" (Tr) or pe'uck, "water hole," qua, "boundary" and onk, "Place" (B)
Paisley U Bu Paisley, Scotland
Palatine U Sa The Palatinate, Germany
Palisades Park B Be For Palisades of Hudson River
Palmyra B,U Bu,Ht Palmyra, Syria, "palm trees" Papakating Cr Su Pasaeck, "valley," kit, "great" (Br) and atn, "hills" (B)
Paramus B Be Peram-sepus, "pleasant stream" (Ru)
Park Ridge B Be Location on a ridge
Parlin U Mi Parlin family
Parsippany Res Mr Sub-tribe, Parsippanong
Parsippany-Troy Hills Tp Mr See above; and Troy, Asia Minor
Parvin SP Sa Silas Parvin, settler
Pascack Br Be See Passaic
PASSAIC CO,C,R,Tp Pa,Mr Pasaeck, "valley" (Br) Patcong Cr At Peck, "Pond" (A) and oak, "`Place" (B)
Paterson; (E) (W) C Pa William Paterson, Gov. 1790-2
Paulina U Wa Paulina, daughter of a Hessian soldier
Paulins Kill R Su Paulina, daughter of a Hessian soldier
Paulsboro B Gl Philip Paul, settler
Paunpeck Cr Hu Ach-poan, "bread" (A) and Pe-auk, "marsh" (B)
Peach Island Cr Be Former peach orchard
Peahala U Oc Kschippehellen, "rushing water" Peapack- Pe, "water" and pack, "roots" (ph)
Peckman Br Es Pakihm, "cranberry" (A)
Pemberton B,Tp Bu James Pemberton, landowner
Penhorn Cr Hu William Pinhorne, landowner, jurist
Pennington B Me Corr. of Pennytown, for its size
Pennsauken Tp Ca William Penn and sauk, "water inlet or outlet" (To)
Penn's Grove B Sa William Penn
Penn's Neck; (Low.) U,TP Me, Sa William Penn
Pennsville USa William Penn
Pennypot Branch S At Tavern
Penton U Sa Abner Penton, resident
Pequannock Tp,R Mr Sub-tribe, Pequannuc
Pequest U,R Wa,Su Pequash, "open land" (To)
Perryville U Ht Commodore Perry's victory on Lake Erie
Perth Amboy C Mi Earl of Perth and ompage, "standing or upright" (Ru)
Peter's Br So Peter Stuyvesant
Petticoat Bg Bu Woman ripping up planks to hamper Hessian troops; she fell and her petticoat caught on a nail
Phalanx U Mo North American Phalanx, a co-operative community
Phillipsburg T Wa William Phillips, settler
Phoenix Forge U Oc Rebuilt after fire, rising from its ashes like the phoenix
Picatinny L Mr Peek, "body of water" (Br) and atn "hill" (B)
Picture Rocks Ht View of Delaware River attracted artists
Pilesgrove Tp Sa Thomas Pyle
Pimple Hs Su Contour
Piscataway Tp Mi Pisgeu, "dark night" (A) and awa "Place of" (B) for Piscataqua, Me.
Pitman B Gl Rev. Charles Pitman
Pittsgrove Tp Sa William Pitt, friend of Colonists
Plainfield.; (N) (S) C,B Un,So,Mi Resident's estate
Pleasant Grove U At Surroundings
Pleasantville C At Surroundings, by Dr. Daniel Ingersoll
Pluckemin U So Pluckemin, Scotland
Plumstead Tp Oc Clement Plumstead, early proprietor
Pochuck M Su Putschek, "out-of-the-way Place" (Ru)
Pohatcong Tp,Cr,M Wa Pack, "split" (Br), atn, "hills" and sacunk, "stream outlet" (A)
Pointers U Sa Sign to three roads
Point Pleasant; (Beach) B Oc Location on Atlantic Ocean and Manasquan Inlet
Pokono I Wa "Stream between mountains" (Gan)
Polkville U Wa Pres. James K. Polk
Pomona U At Roman goddess of fruits
Pompeston Cr Bu Ach-poan, "bread" (A) and pisaqua, "miry Place" (To)
Pompton U,R,L Pa Sub-tribe
Pophandusing Br Wa Popachgandamen, "to beat" (A) (clothes in washing) and ink, "Place" (B)
Porchtown U Gl John Porch, settler
Port Colden U Wa Cadwalader D. Colden, pres. Morris Canal
Port Elizabeth U Cu Mrs. Elizabeth Bodely, landowner
Port Mercer U Me Mercer County
Port Morris U Mr Morris Canal
Port Murray U Wa Morris Canal official
Port Reading U Mi Philadelphia and Reading RR
Port Republic C At U. S. Republic
Port Warren U Wa Warren County
Potters Cr Oc Thomas Potter, settler and co.
Potters Grove U Oc founder of Universalist church
Preakness U Pa Parekuis, "young buck" (Br)
Princessville U Me Princess Anne, later Queen
Princeton B,Tp Me King William III, Prince of Orange and Nassau
Prospect Park B Pa Section of Brooklyn
Pumptown U Mi Village pump in middle of road

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