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The Origin of New Jersey Place Names

Edited by GET NJ
Copyright 2002

This publication was compiled by workers of the Federal Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of New Jersey, and was sponsored by the New Jersey State Library Commission.

Place Classification County Derivation
Saddle River; (Up) B,Tp,R Be Stream and valley in Argyleshire, Scotland
St. Cloud U Es St. Cloud, France
SALEM Co,C. Sa Heb., "peace"
Salt Br, Un Salt poured in brook to prevent its seizure by British
Samptown U Mi Samp (coarse hominy)
San Domingo Tract U Bu San Domingo, West Indies
Sandy Hook Cp Mo Sand
Sanhickan Cr Me Assan, "stone" and hickan, "implement" (Br)
Sarepta U Wa Biblical city
Saw Mill Cr Be,Hu Colonial sawmill
Scotch Plains Tp Un George Scott, leader of Scottish settlers
Scott's Corner U Mi Dr. Moses Scott, Revolution
Sea Bright B Mo Sea Bright, England
Sea Girt B Mo Estate of Comm. Robert F. Stockton
Seaside (Hgts) (Park) B Oc Location on strip of beach
Secaucus T Hu Sukit, "black" and achgook, "snake" (A)
Seven Stars U Oc Hotel
Seventh Day Mill S Cu Seventh Day Baptists
Sewell U Gl Gen. William J. Sewell, Civil War, U. S. Sen.
Shabakunk Cr Me Shabigaki, "shore land" (Br)
Shamong Tp Bu Oschummo, "horn" (A) and onk, "Place" (B)
Shannack Br Oc See Neshanic
Shapnack I Su Sha, "in the middle" (B), pe, "water" (Ph) and ack "Place" (B)
Sharptown U Sa Isaac Sharp, Colonial judge
Shelly Hill U At Oyster shells left by Indians
Shiloh B,U Cu,Wa Civil War battle, by veteran
Ship Bottom B Oc Ship wrecked, bottom up, from which a girl was rescued
Shipetaukin Cr Me Sipunk, "into the river" and tuck, "creek" (B)
Shirley U Sa Charlotte Bronte's Shirley
Shrewsbury B,Tp Mo Shrewsbury, England
Sicomac B Be Awassagame, "heaven" (A) (burial Place)
Siloam U Mo Methodist church
Singac U Pa "Backbone of mountain" (Ph)
Smithville U Bu Hezekiah B. Smith, bicycle builder
Somers Point C At John Somers, landowner
SOMERSET Co   Somersetshire, England
Somerville B So Somersetshire, England
South Amboy C Mi See Perth Amboy
South River B,R Mi Tributary of Raritan, from S.
Sparta Tp,M,L Su Greek state
Speedwell U Bu Speedwell Iron Furnace
Speedwell U Mr Speedwell Iron Works
Spermaceti Cove  Mo Wax derived from whale oil
Spikertown U Be Spykerboer, settler
Splitrock P Mr Gorgelike formation
Spotswood B Mi Spottiswoode, Scotland
Springfield Tp Bu,Un Abundant springs and brooks
Spring Lake; (Hgts) B Mo Fresh water stream
Squankum U Mo Esquand, "entrance" (A) ; for Squantum, Mass.
Stafford Tp Oc Staffordshire, England
Stake Thorofare  At Stakes that warn shipmasters
Stanton U Ht Edwin M. Stanton, Lincoln's Secretary of War
Steelmanville U At James Steelman, Swedish settler
Stelton U Mi Stelle family
Stirling U Mr Gen. William Alexander, Lord Stirling, Revolution
Stockholm U Su Stockholm, Sweden
Stockton B Ht Stockton family
Stoffel Cr Un Stoffel Ellsworth, who tried to buy land
Stokes SF Su Edward C. Stokes, Gov. 1905-8
Stop-the-Jade Run S Bu Notice posted by owner of fugitive woman slave
Stratford B Ca Stratford-on-Avon, England
Strathmore U CM Coined name
Succasunna U Mr Sukit, "black" (A) and assan, "stone" (Br)
Summit C Un Location on Watchung Mountains
SUSSEX Co,B Su Sussex, England
Swan By,P At Wild swans
Swartswood U,L Su Capt. Anthony Swartwout, slain by Indians
Swedesboro B Gl Swedish settlers

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